[007] Numerical Analysis of the Ricochet of a Conical Nose Projectile in the Collision with Ceramic-Aluminum Armor


Bahman Salimi, Khodadad Vahedi, R.Hosseini, and Masoud Rahmani, Imam Hossein University, Tehran, Iran.

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The anti-armored bullets have more kinetic energy due to more mass than ordinary bullets, which increases their likelihood of penetration for different target, so it is necessary to seek solutions to reduce the possibility of penetration of these The type of bullets and the increasing likelihood of ricochet them, is one of the ways to increase the likelihood of ricocheting bullets by leveling the surfaces. In this paper, the phenomenon of buckling steel cone with a nose cone in a collision with ceramic targets was investigated by explicit finite element method using LS-Dayna software. in this study the critical angle of ricochet at different speeds. The results of numerical simulation with other empirical results of other researchers have been evaluated that show good accuracy.

Index Terms— Ricochet, simulation, anti-armored bullets, Alumina ceramic.

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