[010] Unmanned Portable Dosimetry System for Inspection at Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Centers


Mojtaba Mohammadi and Massoud Abdollah Zadeh, Department of Science, Comprehensive Imam Hosein University, Tehran, Iran.

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In this paper, a new unmanned portable tracker system for gamma-ray, and assessing the location and amount of contamination, with no need for presence of people in the infected area, is presented. The sensitivity of the device to a wide range of gamma-ray energy has made the system a good tool for many gamma radiation sources, even at low doses. In addition to detecting infected areas and transmitting environmental information, this system is able to display the amount of environmental doses and alert notification if the dosage is higher than the regulatory limit for the safety of staff and individuals.

Index Terms— Radiation contamination, dosimetry, microcontroller, portable, dose, gamma.

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