[009] Drilling Deviation Detection System Using Laser Beams


Mostafa Atashpoosh, and Alimorad Khajehzadeh, Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Islamic Azad, Kerman Branch, Kerman, Iran.

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Considering the extraordinary importance of retrofitting of historic and residential buildings without strength, the key to the role of drilling in columns and walls is clearly visible in this technique. Factors such as aggregates, alloy, and the quality of drilling equipment and human error can cause deviation in the drill path. Previous researches in this area each have certain weaknesses, such as inefficiency in magnetism environments. In this research, we have tried to use laser beams in addition to detecting possible deflection, the amount and direction of it to inform the system operator and design the system in such a way that the limitation of use in magnetism environments completely removed and the relationship of parts Rotating and fixed through radio waves and fsk modulation.

Index Terms— Drill deflection, laser, retrofitting, radio waves, fsk modulation.

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